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Having practiced law in the State of New York for almost the past decade, Ms. Amin is an expert in Divorce, Family and Immigration Law. Most Notably, Ms. Amin has years of litigation experience in Family and Supreme Court. Ms. Amin has participated in and completed hundreds of trials, advocating zealously and relentlessly for her clients .Ms. Amin also has extensive experience litigating cases against ACS, the Child Welfare Agency of New York. Ms. Amin has successfully argued before the Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department as well.

More specifically, Ms. Amin has handled complex financial divorces, paternity matters, custody battles, child support cases, has assisted clients obtain orders of protections and defend against false family offense petitions. Ms. Amin has assisted clients regain custody of their children, ensured parents without custody have fair and regular access to their children, and has made sure clients get what they are entitled to in financially complex divorce matters. Ms. Amin has also represented children in custody and family offense matters and knows what rights children should have in litigation and will fight hard to ensure that those rights are protected.

Ms. Amin also has extensive experience with complex immigration matters as she has successfully assisted clients obtain their legal permanent resident cards and United States citizenship. Ms. Amin has assisted clients successfully obtain Battered Spouse Waivers, U-Visas, has assisted individuals petition for their relatives. Finally, Ms. Amin has experience in conducting administrative hearings, small business incorporation, appeals, and prosecuting personal injury matters.