Protection For Your Parental Rights

If you are engaged in a complex or challenging child custody dispute in New York, attorney Fariah Amin at Amin Legal Firm, P.C., can help you understand and protect your parental rights.

We have extensive experience handling child custody and visitation matters for parents in Queens County and throughout New York City.

Fariah will explain the law, how it applies to your specific circumstances and potential outcomes. We help you make informed, meaningful decisions for your case.

Navigating Custody Issues In New York

In New York, child custody is divided into two general categories: legal custody and residential custody.

  • Residential custody refers to where the child spends their time.
  • Legal custody refers to a parent’s decision-making authority over important aspects of the child’s life, such as medical treatment, choosing schools, religion, etc.

The Best Interests Standard For Children

If you and your spouse cannot agree on a custody arrangement, the court will make a determination based on the ‘best interests of the child.’

A judge will examine 14 factors, including stability within the home, care arrangements, substance abuse, mental health of the parents, educational opportunities and the parents’ behavior displayed in the courtroom.

The determination is based on all the factors and varies greatly depending on the facts of the case.

Success At Trial

Fariah has substantial experience in court litigating these issues. She is skilled at trial, with the preparation and examination of witnesses, including experts who are often called on to testify on these matters.

Her skill is demonstrated by her cross-examination of one expert, where she succeeded in obtaining a change in the expert’s opinion during the trial.

An Attorney For Children

Fariah has valuable and wide-ranging experience in legal matters that involve children. She has handled hundreds of trials and family court and has litigated cases against the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS).

Fariah is a member of the Attorneys for Children Panel and is assigned by the court in cases to represent and protect the child’s interest. She has obtained many years of experience representing the interests of children in this role.

How This Can Help Your Case

In your case, Fariah can bring valuable insight into your case, knowing how Attorneys for Children typically operate. She is intimately familiar with the guidelines they are directed to follow and in what situations they can and should substitute judgment for your children and when direct advocacy is appropriate.

This becomes especially important in cases where you believe your child may have been “alienated” or “coached” by the other or that your child ‘s physical, mental and emotional safety is at risk.

She has also successfully argued before the Appellate Division for the Second Judicial Department.

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