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Legal issues are complex and challenging to take on alone. Whether you are getting a divorce, struggling with child custody or needing assistance with child abuse or domestic violence, I can represent you. My name is Fariah Amin, and I have the experience and knowledge to assertively pursue viable solutions that will meet your personal and legal goals. Building on a wealth of knowledge acquired over more than a decade of practice, I confidently guide my clients toward customized solutions. Each client and case is different. That is why I take the time to listen, answer questions and examine all aspects of every case. I take an aggressive yet compassionate approach to all my clients’ cases.

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Fariah Amin

With a strong track record of representing hundreds of clients in trials, I advocate zealously and relentlessly for my clients. I work hard to protect my clients’ parental and property rights in divorce while trying to prioritize the practical realities of each individual family outside of the courthouse.

An Experience Lawyer Advocating For Clients

At Amin Legal Firm, P.C. I have assisted clients in various legal matters involving:

  • Child custody, visitation and conservatorship, and protecting parent-child relationships. whether through the filing of new suits, enforcements and modifications.
  • Child Support: Helping your children secure the funds needed for their future.
  • Spousal Support: Helping you secure the monies you need to get out of your marriage and back onto your feet.
  • Order of Protection or Protective orders: court orders to help stop violence your life.
  • Paternity Suits: Helping establish paternity of your children.
  • Child abuse and neglect: Preserving or recovering clients’ access to their children.
  • Divorce: Ensuring fair settlements or trial outcomes when marriages are dissolving.
  • Muslim families and divorce: Respecting and protecting clients’ rights to incorporate the Sharia/Islamic laws that are the most important to them in their divorce cases.
  • Prenuptial, postnuptial and partition agreements: Facilitating contracts, before, during and after marriage that help clients achieve desired goals and outcomes.

I am a dedicated family law attorney with extensive knowledge of the intricacies of Sharia/Islamic family law pertaining to divorce, child custody and more. I skillfully advocate for my clients in full compliance with the laws of the states of  New York and Texas as well as with the aspects of Sharia/Islamic law that pertain to their cases. My unique understanding of legal issues for Muslims going through divorce is beneficial to my clients. I am efficient as well as thorough when answering questions and guiding my clients’ divorces forward in accordance with their priorities and beliefs.

Legal Guidance You Deserve

As your attorney, I understand the emotional stress, risks and frustrations that you may be experiencing during these challenging times. I care about your well-being and will work hard to protect your rights and preserve your future. Call 917-920-2039 or send me a direct message. I offer services in English, Spanish, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. While my main office is in Dallas, I also represent clients in the New York area by appointment only.


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