Child Support, Including Enforcements And Violations

Our firm has experience helping individuals obtain child support awards and have past awards modified. We can also help you enforce a child support order through enforcement petitions, helping you establish arrears and obtain money judgments for what is owed.

We also provide assistance in the filing and prosecution of Violation petitions if you are seeking incarceration due to failure to comply with an order of support.


A prerequisite of being able to obtain child custody, visitation or child support is that the child needs to have a legal father. A legal father is someone who may have has signed the birth certificate of the child, has registered as the father with the New York State Putative Father Registry or was married to the mother at the time the child was conceived. If a legal father has not been established, you will need to have a legal father declared and that can be done through the filing and prosecution of a paternity petition.

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