An Experienced Attorney For Sensitive Child Abuse And Neglect Cases

It is critically important to protect children who have experienced or at risk of child abuse and neglect. Attorney Fariah Amin at Amin Legal Firm, P.C., works to protect the interests of children in Queens County and throughout New York City.

While at-risk children must be protected at all costs, the rights of parents cannot be compromised. A false accusation of abuse or neglect must be met with an aggressive legal response.

These are complex, highly-sensitive matters and must be handled with great care. Our experienced attorney is prepared to protect your child’s welfare and your parental rights in this critical legal issue.

ACS Knowledge On Your Side

Fariah has significant experience handling legal proceedings before the New York City Administration for Children’s Services (ACS), New York’s child welfare agency. While today she represents parents in child abuse and neglect cases, Fariah formerly worked for the ACS.

This background gives her valuable insight when handling disputes with and going to trail against the ACS. She knows how they prepare their cases. She knows which legal strategies are likely to work against them and which are likely to fail.

Seeking The Best Possible Outcome For Your Family

Fariah has handled hundreds of ACS hearings. In some cases, she is able to get abuse and neglect cases dismissed outright, sparing her clients and their children the stress and turmoil of a lengthy legal battle.

She has fought to stop wrongful removals of children, filing emergency actions to ensure the families were reunited in a timely manner.

Every case is different. Whatever the circumstances of your abuse and neglect case, you can be assured we will work aggressively to protect your family.

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An ACS case can bring great anxiety and fear over the well-being of your family, but you don’t have to face it alone.

Don’t delay, Fariah will begin working to protect your children and your rights as soon as you speak with her. Call our Queen’s office at 718-924-2196 or use our online form.